Positive Reinforcement Based Dog Training, Partners Not Pack Leaders


I offer behavior solutions for any age or breed of dog with common concerns such as barking, chewing, digging, house training, jumping up, counter surfing, leash walking and more. I use positive reinforcement with clicker or "marker" style training that is fun for the whole family to learn! (You don't have to use a clicker, either!) We start in your home and can work on-location as needed. Sessions are customized for your dog training goals.


Get the same kind of customized behavior solutions without the hassle of cleaning your house! Believe it or not we can accomplish a lot in online training that we might not otherwise. Online dog training puts YOU in the driver seat to get you long lasting results even faster. Take an even more hands-on approach and save money with this option! Your dog will respond more to you without "treat lady Tracee" being in the way. I use Zoom for videoconferencing.

We start with a New Client Positive Primer session, either IN-HOME or ONLINE. During that session I can make recommendations and you can decide if you would like more training time with 1-hour follow-ups. You may decide to proceed with follow-up sessions at any time, there is no rush or pressure and you can do any combination of in-home and online that you would like. Families located outside my in-home service area can still work with me using the ONLINE option!

In-Home Service Areas: Jacksonville and Duval County, the Beaches areas, Southside, Baymeadows, Riverside, Avondale, Ortega, northern St Johns County such as Ponte Vedra, Fruit Cove, Switzerland, World Golf Village, eastern Clay County such as Fleming Island. Online: Global, using Eastern Standard Time

I now offer shorter training plans using single-hour scheduling, focusing on your goals/needs without the fluff. Training the humans in the home to prevent the wrong behavior and reward the right behavior is how we get the most success. It really is that simple. If you do what I coach you to do you will see results! D
aily practice and the mileage you get from your dog training is up to you! (Long training plans for thousands of dollars with weeks upon weeks of follow-ups are not needed with a skilled, experienced trainer and a family willing to learn and practice.)

Scheduling is Tues thru Sat, hours vary. Because I am an established, skilled trainer with lots of veterinary referrals my schedule does often get booked up quickly so I advise scheduling ahead as much as possible.
Availability is not guaranteed and is subject to change at any time.
If you don't see availability that works for you soon enough you can also check out my amazing local colleagues in the First Coast Force Free Trainers network!

Not Offered at This Time & Other Resources:

Group Classes - See First Coast Force Free Trainers Directory 

Service Dog Training, ESA or travel certification - See Peach on a Leash in Atlanta, GA or Procyon Dog Training in Ocala, FL

Deaf / Hearing Impaired Dog or Human Training, Fluent in ASL - See Savannah at Savvy Dog Training in St Augustine, FL
BITES - I no longer work with dogs with bite history involving injury. Please contact Jim Crosby at

Separation Anxiety - Certified Separation Anxiety Trainers can be found at

History of Shock/E-Collars or Invisible/Electric Fencing - Evaluations only, case-by-case consideration.