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Hey Friends!

Thanks for stopping by! Please read all before contacting me!


Beginning April 1, 2023, I am accepting new clients from professional & personal referrals ONLY, scheduling is done directly through me and I am running a waiting list. Current availability for in-home sessions is limited to some Saturdays. Email me below for consideration with your basic info including street address, email & cell #, who referred you and your dog's training tool history. I can answer basic questions regarding my services and availability via email but I no longer offer free phone consults.


Payment is accepted at time of booking via cash app only (Venmo, Zelle, etc). First new client in-home session is discounted at $200 for 2 hrs total, follow up sessions are 1 hour for $120. Virtual training and consulting is available on Zoom (EST) for $100 per hour. *There are NO REFUNDS and if you cancel with less than 48 hrs' notice the session is counted as used.* Packages no longer available.


**No longer accepting dogs with history of any sort of shock/vibration/e-collar use, invisible or electric fence use or bite history. No exceptions. If this is you, please refer to Jim Crosby, PhD, at**

If what I offer fits your needs, you are on board with using positive reinforcement ONLY - meaning that yes, we WILL use treats and learn how to use them effectively - please contact me with this form below to be considered. If it doesn't fit, there are other training options at or

Puppies are on a very important time table in the first several months of their development. I won't be able to fit anyone in the schedule soon enough to suit this sensitive time period so please check out our other local positive trainers at

Thank you and happy training!



Thanks for reaching out!

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